Wake up India

Aaradhana priyadarshani.

Though we are educated
We can earn sufficient
We are talented enough
Inventive and proficient.
Even then we are not capable of
Managing a joint family
And we are expecting one person
To manage the entire nation so easily.

We never come forward
To support a needy, a helpless
We never take any action
We are deaf and careless.
We are advertising our views on social media
The other side of it is dumb and dark
But to show our aggression
We have nothing except a candle March.

It's the easiest way to mock on others
And share your baseless views
But you can't ever feel the same responsibilities
Until your feet are not in that particular shoes.

People try astutely
To get popular with their names
For that u need to be painstaking
Not the creature entitled for putting blames.

You shouldn't expect for miracles
When you are not sincerely bothered
Create the courage to appreciate the competent
Or remain gossiping as a coward.

If you want a developed nation
Come out from the cobweb of comfort
Stop being a sneak
Instead, shake up your dormant effort.

How could be anyone
Full of worthless anxiety and hate
Though honoured with wealthy certifications
They behave so absurd, so illiterate.

It's an offensive paradox
Negativity is epidemical over positivity
Such discriminations and hostility
Has victimized the gleeful integrity.

If you have the courage then prove urself
Don't remain unsuable
Stay away from gabblers
Be barefaced and adaptable.

Humanity and wisdom should be within us
For that, there won't be any such academy
Obstacle is our own thoughts
No one else is the enemy.

Save our nation
As it's suffering from cancer
Wake up India!
And give a smashing answer.

Come out of casteism and impeachment
be candid and loud
Wake up India
Let's make our nation proud.

Aaradhana priyadarshani.




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